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Welcome to Battery Park City

A quiet haven in downtown Manhattan.

Battery Park City was once the home of container shipping and seaport traffic. In the 1960s, the city reclaimed the land and founded the Battery Park City Authority to own and operate the neighborhood. By the 1970s, it had become a model construction plan for urban residential living.

This serene 92-acre planned community on the southernmost tip of Manhattan is replete with lush greenery, scenic views of the Hudson, and idyllic spots for quiet reflection. Battery Park City is a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of downtown NYC.

What to Expect

A quiet, manageable neighborhood and an easy commute to work.

Battery Park City's pockets of quiet parks, low-crime rate, and clean streets make it an ideal option for those looking to be removed from the typical hustle-and-bustle of Manhattan.

The neighborhood might feel removed from other parts of the city, but a number of subway lines are nearby.Commuters to and from New Jersey can hop on the ferry from the Battery Park City Ferry Terminal on Vesey Street.

Those who work in neighboring Financial District get to Wall Street in under fifteen minutes and the World Trade Center within ten minutes.

The Lifestyle

Laid-back, but active. Relaxing strolls along the waterfront or lounging outdoors in one of many public parks.

There's no lack of wide open spaces in BPC where there are five public parks. These expansive lawns offer a peaceful escape for those who want to nap, read, or tan in a quiet space.

During the day, you'll find professionals taking refuge in well-outfitted parks and plazas. By noon, outdoor seating areas are filled with people enjoying lunch from food trucks or other quick options like Shake Shack.

Beyond parks and green spaces, BPC's riverside path and wide-open esplanades are great for those who love to be outdoors.

Residents of BPC enjoy an active lifestyle -- from riverside jogs and bike rides to courtyard games and boating trips, there's an activity for every age in this neighborhood.

What not to Expect

Non-stop options for entertainment, shopping or culture.

Residents looking for entertainment or culture might be disappointed in Battery Park City's offerings. Although you'll find some stores and restaurants within the World Financial Center's Winter Garden, shopping options are limited in this neighborhood.

On the other hand, BPC's lack of commercial options give way to more calm and inexpensive activities, like sightseeing or fishing from the Hudson.

The Market

Expensive. Large rental complexes and condo buildings with many amenities.

Unlike the rest of New York City, there are no walk-ups or brownstones in Battery Park City. Residents find homes in luxury high-rise condo and rental buildings, most of which are outfitted with concierges, gyms, and parking garages.

You'll Fall In Love With

The immaculate upkeep and peaceful environment of this beautifully-planned neighborhood.

Battery Park City is a far departure from the other densely-populated parts of downtown Manhattan. There's a sense of calm that dictates the character of the neighborhood, from the laid-back attitude of residents to the serene stillness of the parks and public spaces.

BPC offers the opportunity to be alone with just your thoughts and the vast expanse of the water before you, a rare commodity in NYC. Some might call access to this peace of mind priceless. But residents of Battery Park City simply call it "home."